Introducing one-on-one coaching

One-on-one coaching

So many women are looking for a new path in their lives. They’re dissatisfied in their current role, either in their jobs, at home, or trying to bridge the unbridgeable gap between the two. I started Avanti Alliance as a way to showcase the other options that exist. To curate jobs that would allow for flexibility but also provide the intellectual challenge many of us crave. And in that spirit, I’ve been asking myself what more I can do to help lead that charge. So, my next step was to listen. I listened to what my clients had to say, and what my friends and former colleagues were searching for. And I listened to my heart. What it was telling me I needed as well. And what I heard was eye-opening. While most of the women I talked to agreed that there must be a better way forward in their career, they couldn’t figure out how to get there. What was the first step? And what was the next? Where do they look? And what will they find? That is where I can help. I am so passionate about helping other women achieve success and find career balance because it’s my story too. So, big news! I am expanding my services to include one-on-one career coaching. 

What does that look like? Consider me like a therapist for your career. I am here to tell you what will work and honestly what won’t. To call you on your bullshit, especially those self-limiting beliefs. I am here to help you see all your talents and skills you overlook on a regular basis. To get creative with you and help you think outside the scope of what your career has been to find what it COULD be. I will guide you on your path to finding a new way forward to help you see your world in a different light. I am here to support you on your job hunt and through the application process. I am always in your corner, and I am invested in your success because this was once my journey, and I am thankful to each and every person who supported me along the way.

My why

I left a lucrative career because I wanted more for my life. I wanted to live on my terms and have a career I loved. And when I started my own family, I wanted to be able to feel good about my role at home as well. I knew I deserved more than I was getting. So often in my journey, I felt I had to choose one or the other. I quickly realized this was a challenge for so many other women as well. And I wanted to do something about it. I am here to help women navigate the steering of their lives in a new direction and give them the confidence to believe in their abilities again. You can read more about my why here.

why one-on-one

I know there are many ways to go about coaching and guiding women. There are groups, seminars, webinars, even writing a book. But I am passionate about coaching one-on-one because every person is different. Every career is different; we all want different things and measure success differently. And I know that an essential piece of building confidence is allowing women to be heard and feel understood, individually. To get the reassurance, they are not alone. That they are enough and that they always have options. I remove the guilt about the choices they are making and the uncertainty they feel. And I show women that, when they are able to vocalize the struggles they are enduring or the uncertainty they have for how to move forward, they often discover the answers they are looking for were there in front of them all along. They just needed a guide to help them see what they didn’t know they had. Together, we can find the best way forward. 

in this together

When I say together, I do mean together. I am in this with every one of my coaching clients every step of the way. I am not afraid to share my personal struggles and how I have overcome them or the steps I have taken that have helped me get to where I am today. And beyond that, I am able to share my current pivots and evolutions. My uncertainties and struggles that are still with me. That I’m still working through. That will help these women feel less alone. When we try to do something alone, we never get as far as we can when we leverage the help of the people around us, especially those people who genuinely care about our success.

I am one of those people. I am doing this because I care. Because I am passionate about helping other women figure out a better way in life. Because I believe the burnout we feel is not OK. The feeling that we are constantly failing is not OK. The choices we feel we have to make because that is all that is presented to us. Not. OK. I want to show women there is a new way. To present new options, they may have never thought possible. To help them believe in themselves and believe in the system they thought was designed to keep them down. And I want to go through it with them. Because often when you are in the thick of things, it is hard to see the path out. I am here to help shine the light. I am passionate about changing the conversation of what it means to be a working mom, and about empowering women to live a life they love, whatever that looks like. 

what i believe

I believe that personal and professional success is not mutually exclusive.

I believe that a great career and a great life are possible, but in order to achieve a high level of success in both, we need to think AND act differently.

I believe that your work should fit your life. Not the other way around.

You can find out more about my coaching services and all that Avanti Alliance has to offer at

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