Dana Underwood Avanti Alliance discussing how to get ahead of a layoff

Why Getting Ahead of a Layoff is so Important

It seems like with every week that goes by, I know more and more people whose jobs have been impacted by the current pandemic. What’s most challenging about a layoff is that no matter how talented you may be or how hard you work, you have very little control over the outcome. While you can’t control the outcome, you have full control over your reaction to it.

Dana Underwood of Avanti Alliance career coaching

Why should I hire a career coach?

I started Avanti Alliance to help other women navigate how to take back their lives. Instead of trying to “lean in” to everything, prioritize what matters and build around that. That’s the key to feeling like you have a grasp on this thing called life. When we’re able to work toward a meaningful goal, not merely work a job to get a paycheck.

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